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I have always been someone who loves a little flavor, which is why I thought it might be fun to invest in some professional cooking classes. Instead of sitting around at home, I started working harder to cook with more flavor. When I went to the classes, I worked to create dishes with interesting ingredients and fascinating flavor combinations. Almost overnight, I found myself enjoying my meals a little more and being more interested in healthy cooking. This blog is all about investing time into honing your cooking skills and developing a taste for healthy meals that will help you to maintain your weight.


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Catering Ideas For An Outdoor Party

If you're planning any type of outdoor event, figuring out what to serve your guests is probably at the top of your "to-do" list. While you may have a few more things to consider when serving food outdoors rather than in, you still have a wide range of options from which to choose. 

During the warm spring, summer, and even early fall months, you can hold almost any type of special occasion outdoors. Some ideas include birthday parties, holiday celebrations, graduation bashes, anniversary soirees, wedding receptions, baby and bridal showers, and family reunions. 

Since party-goers will have plenty of room to mix and mingle as they eat, serve foods that are easy to eat and transport from table to table. Renting a party tent is also a good idea, as it will protect the food from bugs as well as any inclement weather. It will also provide shelter in case of rain.

Depending on your event-planning budget, the amount of time you have, and the size of your guest list, you can either create the outdoor menu yourself or hire a professional catering company to do the work for you. They'll transport the food to the venue, as well as clean it up after the party is over.

Here are some outdoor party catering ideas to get you started:

1. Build-Your-Own Grilled Pizza 

A twist on traditional party food, grilled pizza combines a favorite food of people of all ages, as well as takes advantage of the outdoor space. Start by setting up all of the necessary ingredients buffet-style, on individual serving platters. Depending on the type of event it is, provide a combination of both basic and gourmet toppings, such as shredded mozzarella cheese, grilled eggplant, mushrooms and zucchini, chicken, shrimp, pineapple, and sundried tomatoes. 

Give guests the choice of marinara, Alfredo, and pesto sauces, as well as freshly made dough for crusts. For kids' parties, provide halved English muffins as well for mini pies. After guests assemble their pizzas, bake them in an outdoor wood-fired oven or a grill. 

2. Skewers 

If you want to keep the menu light and fresh while taking advantage of the grill, either provide pre-made skewers or have guests assemble their own using the ingredients you provide. Your options are endless and include fruit such as pineapple, mango, peaches, and watermelon, as well as shrimp, scallops, chicken, cherry tomatoes, and eggplant. 

Serve the skewers alongside any type of salad or pasta dish, as well as sauces for dipping. 

For more ideas, contact a catering service in your area.