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I have always been someone who loves a little flavor, which is why I thought it might be fun to invest in some professional cooking classes. Instead of sitting around at home, I started working harder to cook with more flavor. When I went to the classes, I worked to create dishes with interesting ingredients and fascinating flavor combinations. Almost overnight, I found myself enjoying my meals a little more and being more interested in healthy cooking. This blog is all about investing time into honing your cooking skills and developing a taste for healthy meals that will help you to maintain your weight.


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Affordable Fish to Look for at Your Local Seafood Market

Fish and seafood can be expensive. However, there are some more affordable options for those who need to stick to a budget. Here are a few such affordable fish to look for the next time you visit a local seafood market.


Tilapia are freshwater fish known for their white flesh. They have a pretty high yield, which means a large proportion of the fish is edible. Because of this, and because tilapia are fast-growing, they tend to be quite affordable in comparison to other fish. They're also a healthy choice, as they tend to be low in mercury and saturated fat. If you don't mind fish with a bit of a fishy flavor, tilapia are a really good choice. This fish is especially delicious when seasoned and broiled.


If you see grouper at a local seafood market, it will often be priced lower than most other fish. Grouper are bottom-feeding fish, but unlike other bottom-feeders, they tend to be really light and tender. Some grouper is high in mercury, so you'll want to eat this one in moderation. That being said, it's a delicious fish to bread and pan-fry, and it also tastes lovely when served with fruit chutneys.

Red Snapper

While some types of snapper can come with a higher price tag, red snapper tends to be pretty affordable. These fish can be pretty large, and so you'll often see fillets being sold at the seafood market. Smaller fish may be sold whole. A whole, roasted red snapper can be a really ornate meal, for less than you'd pay for lobster or crab. Or, if you purchase fillets, they are delicious on the grill. Red snapper is a really healthy choice, offering lots of vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids.


Cod sometimes gets a bit of a bad rap, mostly because its flesh is very lightly flavored. However, if you like mild fish, cod may be the perfect choice for you. It is affordable and widely available. Cod holds up well to battering and frying, which is why it's often the top choice for fish fries. However, it is also delicious when seasoned with herbs and broiled.

You don't have to avoid fish when you're on a budget. Just go for one of these more affordable options. Most local seafood shops have great deals on the fish above, especially if you visit in the middle of the week when demand is lower.