3 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Chia Seeds

For a long time, the only people interested in chia seeds were the people who enjoyed watching green “fur” sprout on a decorative clay figurine shaped like an animal. But chia seeds have come a long way since then, and today they’re widely recognized as a superfood, with good reason. They’re high in the omega-3 […]

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Think You Cannot Go Paleo At Your Favorite Mexican Restaurant? Dining Tips For Delicious, Diet-Friendly Success

Although many diet plans enjoy only a brief time in the limelight before fading away into oblivion, the Paleo diet has continued to attract new followers and grow in popularity since the movement began nearly a decade ago. Those who follow a Paleo eating regimen choose to eat much as the early human beings did, […]

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Appreciating Momma: Knock Her Socks Off With These Gift Ideas

Whether it’s her birthday, a special holiday, or just a day that you feel like doing something special for her, any time is a great time to show your mom how much you appreciate her. A few kind words are sure to gain you some brownie points – and you’ll knock her socks off by […]

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